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The Dream Life Manifesto Program
For Women Who Dare To Dream
Want to Create a Meaningful Life That You LOVE?
Watch This Video to Learn How!
In this video you will learn the secret of how to go from:
  • Quarter-life crisis to quarter-life clarity.
  • Mundane to meaningful.
  • Questioning your life to confidently living life of your dreams.
You deserve to live a life that lights you up and fills you with a sense of purpose. It's not only possible, it's necessary!
It's your time to shine lovely! 
It's what you've always wanted to know about how-to create the life you've always wanted!
I know the feeling...
The aching.

Something isn’t adding up. You’ve done everything right. Everything you were ‘supposed’ to. Yet life hasn’t turned out like you imagined. 

Maybe, you feel the haunting weight of expectations, reminding you you’re not where you should be by now. 

Maybe you’ve followed the plan perfectly, but discovered it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. 

You find yourself asking, “Isn’t there more to life than this?” 

But deep down, you know there is.
When you finally discover what 
lights you up, 
you in turn light up the world.
You're Feeling Lost:
Yearning to live a meaningful life by making a difference in the world.

Desiring to live life on your own terms, not by those dictated to you.

Tired of feeling uncertain about yourself and what you are doing with your life.

You're Ready To:
Radiate confidence, embrace who you are and where you are in life.

Feel inspired and aligned with your inner purpose. 

Courageously take charge of your dreams and turn them into reality. 
Well I've got a secret to tell can have it all.
(You just need a little help getting there)
Hilary Foster
Life Coach
Hello There Beautiful!

As a fellow soul-searcher, I understand where you are. I was once there too.

But on my journey to step out of a life of compromise, something magical happened. I discovered my true passion: helping soul sisters like yourself to see their true inner beauty, gifts and potential and to use that to create an extraordinary life. After years of heartache, I finally created a life that makes me want to sing from the rooftop and I want to show you how you can do it too!

I am here to tell you that you are worthy. You are too valuable, your life is too valuable to waste one more minute not being true to your unique talents, gifts, passions and aspirations. It’s time to declare to yourself and the world, “Hell no, status quo! See you later monotony and confusion. Sayonara, lack of fulfilment!” Step out of that Quarter Life Crisis and into a life that makes your jaw drop with enthusiasm. 

Below is the exact process I went through to that got me to where I am today. If you are ready to say YES to you and YES to your dreams, then this program is for you. I will show you how to go from dreaming of a life you love to actually living it. That is my promise.
Check Out the Program Outline Below!
I know the incredible life that awaits you 
and darling, 
it's better than you could dream.
The Dream Life Manifesto
5 Shifts that will take you from dreaming of a life you love to actually living it.
Inspiring Weekly Modules 
Personalized One-On-One 
Community of Like-Minded  Lovelies
The 5 Shift's :
Shift 1: Embark
Embrace Where You Are & Love Where You're Going
It all begins here and now. By discovering the value of and making peace with where you are currently, you can let go of frustration, transform your story and reclaim the confidence in yourself that you need to move forward.
Shift 2: Navigate
Learn What's Holding You Back
Say good bye to all of the things that are holding you back! Here we will navigate through your fears and limiting beliefs so you can move ahead, own your true potential and truly achieve your dreams!
Shift 3: Explore
How to Feel Happy & Fulfilled Today
Happiness, fulfillment and purpose are not end goals. In order to have the creative flow and inspiration you need to create a life you love, you've got to feel good now. In doing so, you will learn how to create a meaningful life today and enjoy the ride along the way. 
Shift 4: Discover
Find What Lights You Up
You are extraordinary and have something incredible to offer that not only fills you up, but betters the lives of those around you. You will discover the amazing gifts, talents and passions that have been within you all along and learn how to share them with the world.
Shift 5: Arrive
How To Take Action & Create the Life You Love
You will learn how to go from dreamer to doer. It’s time to take that leap of faith and follow the path that lights your soul ablaze! By the end of this session you will declare to yourself and the world that you are ready to live the meaningful life of your dreams!

See What People Are Saying... 
"Hilary's zest for life is contagious - she'll inspire you to take hold of your dreams and bring them to reality. Her experience both in the academic world and the 'real world' give her a unique perspective that she uses to help you tackle your most difficult issues. Her attitude and friendliness make her a joy to work with and you'll walk away with 'aha' moments every time!"
Katy McIntyre, founder, Post & Paper Media
“I love working with Hilary to uncover my unique and fulfilling purpose. I am encouraged and lit up by her expertise and enthusiasm. She's like my boxing trainer who believes I can climb to the top- Rocky style- and makes me feel safe when I submit my fears. When challenges arise that seem heavy, Hilary uses focus, strategy and her characteristic positivity to make them pressure free and obtainable. I recommend Hilary to anyone seeking to discover and nourish what their soul desires and deserves.”
Kelsey Quinn, Teacher and Creative Entrepreneur 
There are a limited number of time slots I allocate to helping people just like yourself to get clarity around their quarter-life. Pick a time and lets chat! I would love to hear your story and see if you’re a fit for the Dream Life Manifesto coaching program. If we’re a match I would love to share this with you and help you on your journey to creating a meaningful life you love!  
Click the link above to check availability today!
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